Final counts show that out of the 99 passenger and crew members that flew the ill-fated Pakistan passenger plane, 97 died while only 2 persons survived the crash.

They were killed when the plane crashed into a residential neighbourhood of Karachi, officials said Saturday, as rescue workers toiled through the charred and twisted wreckage strewn across the street.

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane had made multiple approaches to land at Karachi airport on Friday when it came down among houses, sparking a rescue operation that lasted into the night.

The bodies of all the passengers and crew had been recovered, the Sindh Health Ministry said, adding that 19 had been identified. 

DNA testing was being carried out at the University of Karachi to help identify the dead. Flames and plumes of smoke were sent into the air as the plane came down, its wings slicing through rooftops before crashing onto a street.

Residents were the first to search through debris for survivors, with witnesses reporting the cries of a man hanging from the plane’s emergency exit door.


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