Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has said that the coronavirus pandemic has presented Nigerians and the government a rare opportunity to reset the critical sectors of the economy.

He noted also that the pandemic has affected the lives and livelihoods of Nigerians in different ways.

He said- “This is a creative, forward-looking, and thoughtful response to what is perhaps the most profound global and domestic challenge to health and the economy in human history.

According to a statement by his media aide, Laolu Akande, the vice president stated that-“We need not belabour the point that the COVID-19 challenge is also an unprecedented opportunity for us as a nation and people to reset in critical sectors of the economy and social services.”

While stressing the point about resetting the nation’s systems, Professor Osinbajo noted that the deep plunge in oil earnings, as well as the disruptions to business and commerce on account of lockdowns, have meant that the nation must develop a comprehensive economic response.

He also revealed the efforts being made by the Federal Government to ensure that Nigeria was properly positioned to deal with the fallouts of the pandemic.

The Vice President said, “There are several initiatives in place now to attempt an effective response to the COVID-19 disaster. In addition, there is a drive to re-engineer and rethink our healthcare delivery systems.

“This by itself is a massive undertaking that will involve the states, local governments, and the private healthcare community.”

“In the past few years, I’m sure those of you familiar with the activities of government probably note there’s been quite a bit of effort around creating a Social Investment Programme.

“The precise purpose of that is not just to provide safety nets for several of the vulnerable and poor in our midst, but more importantly to provide jobs, provide credit to several informal traders, smallholder farmers, several others in our economic value chain who are usually ignored or untouched by several other credit facilities and other economic initiatives of the government,” he added.


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