Street vendors as making brisk business selling locally made face marks in the streets of Zimbabwe due to price that favours ordinary people more than the imported ones.

According to reports, ordinary folks who hitherto had no jobs to do, have capitalised on the mandatory order handed down by President Emmerson Mnangagwa that face masks must be worn in public to engage themselves in business by selling masks made from clothes at lower prices.

On May 1, 2020, Zimbabwe extended lockdown by two more weeks, even as the people groan under no income for those not working with government as well as dwindling resources from organised businesses.

Meanwhile, factory-made face masks turned out to be unaffordable for most in a country crippled by poverty and hyperinflation. 

“We started selling these masks on Monday when we noticed that people intending to board buses were being turned away,” said Makaya, a 21-year street vendor.

“We are selling for 15 bond (around $0.6). People are buying because they are afraid of being arrested in town,” he added.


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