Contrary to earlier reports suggesting that over 120 people died from the crashed Pakistani airline plane, the management has disclosed that passengers and crew members in the plane totaled 99, adding that number of deaths at press time stood at 76.

A statement from the Sindh Health Department in Friday by the CEO of the airline said the flight from Lahore was carrying 99 passengers and crew members in total, revising down a higher figure given by Pakistan’s Aviation Ministry earlier.

The plane did not hit any buildings and no one on the ground appears to have been killed, PIA CEO Air Vice Marshal Arshad Malik told reporters in Karachi Friday. The plane landed in a lane, he added.

Malik said the airline was tracking the number of dead by coordinating with local hospitals, a procedure that will take at least two days. He only knew of one survivor, Zafar Masood, the CEO of the Bank of Punjab.

The airline chief said all checks and certifications had been in place, nothing was pending and the airline was operationally and administratively good to go. He added: “Air travel is the safest. PIA’s pilots and engineers follow SOPs,” and that the “A320 is one of the safest planes in the industry.”


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