Cuban authorities are afraid of the possible reelection of US President Donald Trump, saying it would be ‘the worst’ scenario for the country.

According to a report by AP, Cuba’s foreign ministry’s general director for the US, Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, said that “If the Republicans win … it’s a very negative scenario. It would mean at least a continuation of the policy of aggression against our country.”

Cuba has been subjected to a US embargo since 1962 — but, under Democratic President Barack Obama, tensions were easing. Then Trump took power and began ramping up sanctions once more, cancelling or suspending many of the agreements made during Obama’s term. 

In 2019 Trump added more than 80 sanctions, including those that hinder the supply of Venezuelan oil, discourage investments, give the green light for compensation claims in US courts against nationalized properties, and block commercial and financial activity.

Added to that, the general lockdown that has been provoked by the coronavirus pandemic has worsened the social situation for millions of Cubans in a country that was already suffering from food and fuel shortages.

Trump addressed a message on Wednesday to the Cuban community in Florida — a key swing state in November’s US election — in which he blasted “Cuba’s tyrannical regime.”

Many Cuban exiles and immigrants in Florida are passionately opposed to the communist regime in Havana, including Republican senator Marco Rubio. Miami in particular is a hotbed of anti-Castro organizations that have been involved in sometimes violent activities against Cuba.

Fernandez de Cossio said a second Trump mandate would be even worse than the first because it would keep “people with an anti-Cuban trajectory” in “important positions inside the government, in the State Department structures or the National Security Council.”


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