The bitter exchanges between US President Donald Trump and the management of Twitter over fact-checking of the president’s comments has attracted the attention of Facebook boss, Mark Zuckerberg who verbally attached Twitter for its action.

In addition to fact=checking, Twitter added a blue link under the tweets, which reads “Get the facts about mail-in ballots,” and takes users to fact-checking articles from newsrooms and journalists debunking Trump’s claims that postal voting is “fraudulent” and predicting that “mail boxes will be robbed.”

“We have a different policy, I think, than Twitter on this,“ Zuckerberg told Dana Perino, host of the Fox News show The Daily Briefing, in a clip of an interview scheduled to be aired on 28 May.

“I just believe strongly that Facebook shouldn’t be the arbiter of truth of everything that people say online. In general, private companies probably shouldn’t be, especially these platform companies, shouldn’t be in the position of doing that,” Zuckerberg added.

The message Mr. Trump posted on Twitter was also posted on his Facebook page. Despite Facebook’s policy of removing content which misrepresents ways of voting or voter registration, the company will not take action against the president.

“We believe that people should be able to have a robust debate about the electoral process, which is why we have crafted our policies to focus on misrepresentations that would interfere with the vote,” it added.


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