There was commotion inside a Russian plane after it landed in Moscow having flown from the Black Sea resort Sochi.

Report said the fracas started when one male passenger got up from his seat and rushed towards the door but fell down several times on the way leading to fear and panic that he may have touch many places and there, a risk to other passengers with concern over coronavirus.

Witnesses were said to have stated that the man crashed into seated passengers on the Ural Airlines Airbus A320, where social distancing measures were in place.

“Almost immediately after landing, he jumped up and headed for the exit. He walked quickly between the rows, crashing into seated people.

“One man told him ‘Watch out!’”

The verbal intervention was reported to have led to an angry exchange between the two men as flight attendants tried to calm them but it didn’t help much.

“Those two were so aggressive that other passengers were simply afraid to go near them.”

The report said that in footage of the incident flight crew were seen looking on during the foul-mouthed brawl as fists flew.


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