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The manager of the demolished Prudent Hotel, Alode-Eleme, near Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Dr. Bariledum Azoroh, has rejected the result of his coronavirus test presented to him on Sunday which was said to have come out positive.

He said the authenticity of the result handed to him was questionable and called for an independent body such as the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) to carry out another test on him.

Owner of the hotel, Mr. Needam Gogorobari, said that he suspects foul play after people posing as health officials allegedly tried to inject the manager after claiming he tested positive to the coronavirus.

The manager of the hotel was found guilty by a court for flouting Governor Wike’s COVID-19 Executive Order banning the operations of hotels in Rivers state and was fined N50, 000 and taken to an isolation centre for testing.

His elder brother, Isaac Azoroh, told journalists in Port Harcourt Monday that his brother was being punished unjustly, alleging that the hotel manager had been sleeping outside since the day he was arrested, describing the state in which his brother was as unkempt.

The wife of the manager, Mrs. Dorathy Azoroh, also appealed for the release of her husband.


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