Nigeria still remains at the top of the list of coronavirus recoveries in West Africa, followed by Ghana.

According to data compiled by the Africa Centre for Disease Control (CDC), Nigeria has 2,385 recoveries from 8,344 confirmed cases and 249 deaths.

The data said Nigeria is followed by Ghana which has seen 2,317 COVID-19 patients recover from the illness. The country has recorded 7,117 cases and 34 deaths.

However, Ghana has a lower case fatality ratio (0.48%) as compared to Nigeria (2.98%).

Ghana President Akufo-Addo hinted that country’s low case-fatality ratio could result in an easing of lockdown restrictions.

“Stakeholder consultations are taking place on the way forward towards the easing of restrictions so that our social and economic lives can go back to normal. I expect these consultations to conclude this week so that I can announce to Ghanaians a clear roadmap for easing the restrictions. We have to find a way back, but in safety, for we cannot be under these restrictions forever,” the President said.


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