Kogi state government has reiterated its earlier position that there is no trace of coronavirus in the state. 

According to the state commissioner for information and communication strategy Kingsley Fanwo, a total of 111 persons have been tested for the virus and all returned negative.

He said the tests were conducted on the persons without the supervision of officials from the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), adding that 

the testing kits procured by the state were used to conduct the tests and that those tested were picked randomly.

“Kogi State got testing kits independently but followed NCDC guidelines. One hundred and eleven COID-19 rapid tests were conducted in Kogi State yesterday and all results came out negative,” he said.

He therefore concluded that the state still remained COVID-19-free.

“We shall not go to streets to pick people to be tested for COVID-19, but hospitals where people with similar symptoms are found and also based on any information of suspected cases,” he stated. 


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