Not less than 500,000 Mexicans have lost their jobs in April, no thanks to the coronavirus pandemic cost Mexico more than 555,000 jobs in April, according to figures given on Tuesday by the country’s Social Security Institute.

This brings the total number of jobs lost in Mexico since restrictions were imposed in March to 685,00. The country now has 19.9 million officially employed people.

The statistics do not take into account informal workers, who are estimated to represent 57 per cent of total employment. 

The economically active population, who were working or looking for work, amounted to 57 million people in the country of 130 million in March. Health authorities say infections are now at their highest level, a situation that is expected to last at least until May 20.

Mexico has recorded 36,327 COVID-19 cases, with 3,573 deaths. The pandemic could lead to nearly 10 million more people finding themselves without sufficient income to cover their basic expenses, the National Council of Evaluation of Social Development Policy warned on Monday.


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