Nigeria’s Police boss Mohammed Adamu, has ordered the immediate probe of Chief Emeka Okonkwo (E-Money) over his flamboyant lifestyle and flagrant abuse of police escorts.

Chief Emeka Okonkwo the Chairman Five Star Group was alleged use guarding him like domestic servants. In addition to the order for probe, the Lagos state command has withdrawn policemen attached to the flamboyant business manager.

“We received a signal from the Force headquarters on Monday that the police detail of music executive, E-Money, be immediately withdrawn and an investigation into the man be launched.

“The IG was surprised that policemen were attached to him in the first place and were being used like domestic servants, carrying umbrellas, opening doors, and doing menial jobs for him.

“The policemen were discovered to be attached to B Operations at the command headquarters and not MOPOL which is the usual practice. So, we have withdrawn his policemen and we are inviting him for questioning. The policemen will also be interrogated,” a story first published by the Punch quoted a police source to have stated.


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