Women and their love for beauty is on the rise, in spite of the challenges posed by coronavirus and the need to wear facemasks for safety. Therefore wearing makeup a superficial occupation? I’d argue it’s a much-needed mood booster. Historically, women have boldly sported bright lipstick in challenging times. In 1912, Elizabeth Arden famously handed out red lipsticks to the suffragette movement and in the Second World War sent tubes of it to women serving in the military. Wearing a bold lip colour is a sign of defiance, it symbolises fearlessness and it will bring you a little comfort and joy every time you catch your reflection in the mirror. There’s nothing frivolous about that.
Blusher can be reassuring, making us look healthier and happier. Surely there’s something in that. Lovers of blush are usually divided into two camps: cream and powder. I’ve never really bought into the cream variety. On fair skin, it adds a youthful flush and the malleable texture means you’re less able to go overboard with it. For darker skins it is a little more complicated – creams and liquids are rarely bold enough to show up. And if wearing foundation, it doesn’t matter what colour you choose, it’ll all turn to a brown sludge. So I prefer powder blushes. This one from KVD – a premium vegan, cruelty-free brand – is one of the best. There are six shades ranging from a nude beige to a tawny rose, with a bold orange thrown in for good measure. It’s enough to suit all skin tones; no one needs a million blushers, just great colours and pigments – which this has. The texture is also impressive; it glides on like silk. It doesn’t sit in pores and lines, and doesn’t oxidise as the day goes on, so it’s great for all skin types, including mature and oily. The things I love most, however, are that it lasts all day – hence the name – and it makes my face look happy. So, if you are looking for a small way to find pleasure in your beauty routine, this is a good place to start. KVD Vegan Beauty Everlasting Blusher, £22, boots.com


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