The management of the National Hospital Abuja says it discharged Benue index coronavirus patient Susan Okpe alongside others in the facility.

The controversial woman in a video said she was discharged from hospital even though she still tested positive to the virus.

The hospital said all COVID-19 patient have been released from its quarantine centre

According to the Deputy Director and Head of Information and Protocol of the hospital, Tayo Haastrup, more than 35 patients were admitted at various times and 27 of them had been discharged successfully.

He stated in a statement on Friday that the only patient, who refused treatment, stayed beyond 45 days remained asymptomatic which was assumed to be Susan Okpe.

“All our patients were discharged within three weeks of admission, following treatment with their full cooperation and in line with the National Centre for Disease Control protocol on case management.

“We want to make it clear to the public that no patient is being detained in the hospital,’’ he said.


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