Three pastors of different churches on Sunday denied their members in attempt to avert arrest by the Federal Capital Territory COVID-19 Ministerial Enforcement Team.

The team had visited the Federal Housing Estate in Lugbe to monitor compliance to no religious gathering order, but could not identify leaders of the churches and their members who denied they were worshiping when they were confronted by the enforcement team.

The three pastors who were later identified as Ibitoye Kayode of the Liberty Faith Gospel Church, Joshua Olaniru of Liberty Gate Ministry and Vitalis Udeazi of Dominion Chapel, denied vehemently that they do not own any church in the area and therefore should not be arrested.

Despite attempts to conceal his identity, Vitalis Udeazi of Dominion Chapel, insisted that none of his members were present at the time the taskforce arrived the mountain top. The denial resulted in a protest from the other pastors, even as some of his members identified him as their pastor.

Speaking to the crowd and the pastors, the Chairman of the taskforce, Ikharo Attah queried why they all had to deny their followers. “Why are you all denying these large groups of worshippers? No one among you agreed that anyone came to worship with them even when they turned out in large numbers. One of you even went ahead to deny being a pastor.”


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