President Muhammadu Buhari has been told to take a closer look at the composition of the current national leadership of the ruling All Progressives Congress with a view to bringing new hands as the leadership is not capable of birthing responsible leaders across the country.

The call was made by the Director-General, Progressive Governors’ Forum (PGF), Mr Salihu Lukman, who said urgent steps are needed to rescue APC and redirect its path.

He made the call on Sunday in Abuja, through a statement and attributed the APC’s current crisis to the inability of the leadership to manage disagreements and resolve conflicts within the party.

He said-“There is the need for us to take steps to rebuild APC, whether with Mr Oshiomhole as the National Chairman or with anyone else.

“As it is constituted today, APC is incapable of producing the type of leaders that can guarantee a permanent departure from the garrison-type leadership we experienced in the past.

“The reality is that as members of APC, we should expect different opinions and perspectives on how to build the party.

“Disagreements and contestations are the hallmark of politics. It is the capacity to accommodate divergent opinions that will enable our leaders to live in the present, with one eye on the future as well as with the right brain and left brain at the same time.
“Unfortunately, many of our leaders are intolerant, which now produces all these avoidable crises currently facing us,” the director-general said.


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