By Segun Oyedepo

History made us understand that there was a garden and a man that was managing the affairs of the garden. Read the bible from Genesis chapter 1 vs 1 to know more about how God created heaven and the earth.That is not the crux of the matter.

Every invention we see today is as a result of “Possibility thinking”. God released to man the power to create things that will make life easier for all his creature. Today the world is gladly benefiting from Possibility Thinking.

POSSIBILITY THINKING is all about believing. The assurance of the things you are expecting and ability to perceive as real fact what is not reveal to the senses.

Parts of the body that aid possibility thinking include Mind, Brain, Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Tongue and Nose.

Purpose of the mind is thinking.It is the basic tool for creativity.

“Mind is the seat of consciousness, thought,
volition, feeling, attention and concentration”

“Mind and good health is all you need to
come back to life after any downturn at any point in time.
Make sure you don’t lose your mind.”

Possibility thinker’s major role is to generate creative ideas to solve problems.

Becoming a positive minded person should be everyone’s dream.Without that no one can achieve anything in life. See the road maps to becoming a possibility thinker;Learning, Meditation, Understanding, Open mindedness and Mind mapping (Evaluation).

Possibility thinkers stands a chance to gain a lot, some of the which includes make wealth from ideas, fame, name and respect from all and sundry.

In summary, the world is filled with so many problems that are awaiting solutions, you can be a solution to one of our problems here on earth.

Robert Kiyosaki in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, said _The moment you said I can’t afford it, your brain stop working. By asking the question how can I afford it, your brain is put to work._

Same thing applies to possibility thinkers; the moment you say “I can’t do it” your brain stops working and nothing positive will come to your head.

Robert also said in the same book; Proper physical exercise increases your chances for health. Proper mental exercise increases your chances for wealth. Laziness decreases both health and wealth.

Always aspire to be a problem solver everyday of your life. Please let’s meet at the top.


Segun O. Oyedepo


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