One of CNN’s most forceful presenter and Trump hater Anderson Cooper a gay, is devastated that (his or her) boyfriend Ben Maisani is cheating by going out with another fellow. Cooper is a girl in the relationship.

The CNN presenter who has lost an earlier gay relationship saw his partner in an embrace with another man.

Anderson Cooper was in storm recently when it was made public that he was gay, and was thought to have been in a long term relationship with boyfriend Ben Maisani. However, it has now been reported that their relationship may not be as solid as most originally believed, as he has been caught kissing someone else openly in a New York park.

Cooper is reported to have been shocked by the reports; when the news broke across various media outlets he was in fact on vacation with Maisani. A source has told Life & Style: “Anderson was with Ben in Croatia when he was told about the photos. They were on a yacht. They flew to Croatia on Aug. 11, one day after the photos were taken. Anderson’s upset – who wouldn’t be?”

The gay couple has reportedly been in a relationship for three years, but the developments are sure to be humiliating for Cooper who made a very public announcement of his homosexuality and relationship with Maisani recently.

Other reports have claimed that Cooper was having thoughts of having a gay marriage in a state that has amended the traditional definition of marriage to include homosexual couples. However, the developments allegedly have hit Cooper hard and a gay marriage is likely off the cards for the CNN presenter.

“It’s been about a year now [since gay marriage became legal in New York] and he wants to get married to Ben. They’re totally committed to one another,” a source told the Enquirer before Maisani was caught cheating.

The couple’s relationship was an open secret among Hollywood insiders even before Cooper publicly made his announcement this summer. The pair was known to be affectionate with one another while spending time with famous friends like Kelly Ripa, Sarah Jessica Parker and Bravo’s Andy Cohen.


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