….Accuse Minister Sadiya Farouq of diverting N7.2billion

…..Seek intervention of Senate, Reps

Our reporter

About 80,000 N-Power beneficiaries across Nigeria have cried out over the non-payment of the N30,000 monthly stipend for the months of March, April and May, 2020.

Some of the beneficiaries who spoke to ALSC exclusively today, Monday, June 8, said they are dying of hunger as the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, Sadiya Farouq is sitting on their stipend at a time they needed their allowances the most.

According to them, the minister, for whatever reason known to her, secretly removed the names of 80,000 beneficiaries from the data, thereby denying them access to the allowances.

At N30,000 per month, 80,000 beneficiaries receive a N2,4billion monthly which brings the total payment for three months to N7.2billion.

One of the distressed beneficiaries who pleaded not to be mentioned to avoid being persecuted told us that while the minister is making life unbearable by not paying them for three months, Sadiaya Farouk told the world that she has paid.

According to the concerned N-Power beneficiary who spoke to us- “Please sir, I am an N-Power beneficiary. It is quite disheartening that Minister Sadiya Farouq since March refused to pay over 80,000 Beneficiaries their three (3) months stipend.

“We are dying of hunger because we have no other means of livelihood especially because the time she is owing us is this time of global pandemic when you cannot even go out to seek other means of survival,” the complainant stated.

Another beneficiary said following their consistent demand for their payment using Facebook and other social media platform, the Minister had promised to pay them but later reneged on her promise.

“We have been facebooking and twitting to no avail. They later told us to forward Email and title it ‘Unpaid Stipend’ which we did. We later got feedback that we will be paid in no distance time. Yet they have not paid us up till now

“At a time, N-power monitors protested about last two weeks and she paid she reacted to their protest by paying them immediately. She likes lying on the social media. She told the world that she has finish paying Beneficiaries whereas she is sitting on our money,” the aggrieved beneficiary alleged.

Yet another beneficiary who complained through WhatsApp message stated that “We the unpaid N-power beneficiaries in Nigeria want to tell the whole nation that over 80,000 beneficiaries have not been paid March, April and May stipend whereas others have.

“The minister of humanitarian affairs intentionally removed our names from the N-power payroll just to divert and pocket our money. Please we are writing this to plead with our senators, House of Representatives members, President Muhammadu Buhari and the country at large to come to our rescue because all of us don’t have another job and many of us are married and feeding our family from this #30000 stipend.

Continuing, the complainant said-“And you know the situation of things in the country now. The Humanitarian Affairs minister has been very wicked to beneficiaries since she took over the job. None of batch B beneficiaries and many from batch A have not received the N-power device (tablet) the federal government provided money for us.”

From yet another beneficiary came this-I am an N-Power person: Please help us. The minister of humanitarian affairs, Madam Sadiya Farouq has not paid us our 3 months stipend, March, April and May. She intentionally omitted about 80,000 volunteers from the payroll. We have pleaded with the minister in various social media and no positive result was yielded.

Yet another wrote “From N-Power beneficiary sir. it is very disheartened for we the unfortunate N-power volunteer that have not been paid our 3-month stipend. The Honourable minister didn’t care about us. How much is 30k? Some of us use half of the money to pay debt. Look at me, I bought a phone from Easybuy company in March and panned to pay in installments but since then, I have not been paid for 3-month. We are pleading to you to help us get our money from the Honourable Minister of Humanitarian to please pay us our stipend,” he wrote.


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