A 9-year-old Igbo boy who was filmed singing Catholic songs that was found in the social media has attracted the attention and intervention of two prominent Nigerian politicians who have separately promised to locate the boy, offer him scholarship and sponsor his career.

The first offer was made by a former aviation minister Femi Fani Kayode while the second was by a serving senator and who also served as aviation minister, Stella Oduah

The young Boy started trending online after series of video clips showing him singing Catholic songs on the internet. He was seen singing while many passersby stopped and watched in amazement. He was later discovered to Oluomachi Joseph Opara, a native of Ahaizu Mbaise, Imo State.

However, Fani Kayode, himself, a social media freak, showed interest to have the contact of the boy and offered him scholarship even without seeing him yet.

”Listen to him here as well! Listen to him over and over again. It is enchanting. I simply cannot believe that this young boy has such an extraordinary voice & that he is singing such beautiful songs of praise to the Lord. Does anyone know his name & can anyone trace him? He is singing in Igbo so I assume he is in the south-east. Once I can confirm his identity and reach his family I will send 250,000 naira to him and pay for his school fees right up until university level.

“I urge others to help him too. This talented, gifted and blessed child should NOT be hawking and selling things in the streets. I wish I knew what state he comes from and who his Governor is. Such talent must not be wasted,” he said

On her part, former Aviation Minister under President Goodluck Jonathan, Senator Stella Oduah equally posted the video of the young boy on her Twitter handle.

The boy was dressed shabbily and had a rolled wrapped placed on top his head, obviously where he places the tray coconut he hawks.

Senator Oduah therefore posted-“This amazing sonorous angel MUST be encouraged so I ask anyone that knows his whereabouts to help me locate him. A full scholarship and also classes at our Music School awaits him already. Thank you.’


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