…Gov insists probe of graft allegations will go on

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Kano state Governor, Dr.Abdullahi Umar Ganduje on Monday, declared that he has no regret to have engaged in the reforms of Kano Traditional system which eventually led to the deposition of the former Governor of Central Bank (CBN), Muhammad Sanusi 11 as the Emir of Kano.

Ganduje who spoke during a Media Forum to mark Democracy Day, described the creation of four additional Emirates in the state as one of his major achievements which has directly impacted on the lives of the people and development of the state.

He​ insisted that​ the reformation of Kano Traditional System which gave birth to the creation of the four new Emirate Councils, was done in good faith to ensure development in the state and participation of traditional rulers in governnace.

According to him, Sanusi​ lost his position as the Emir of Kano because he refused to be part of the reforms in the traditional system, which was conceived for the best interest of Kano and the people of the state.

“The former Emir of Kano who refused to be part of the reforms has to find his way out so that the reforms can be completed and the new Emirates have come to stay,” Ganduje added.

He also agreed that some legal issues instituted by deposed Emir Sanusi and some Kano Elders loyal to him actually slowed down the speed at which the traditional reforms would have been concluded.

But Ganduje added that, “today, there is no legal issues before the Court of Law as regards to the reforms of the traditional system.”

Ganduje insisted that, “we created four additional Emirates because we intended to decentralize development. We intended to create more cities outside the major metropolitan cities of Kano. All these we can not do by chance.

“We also created these new Emirates because we want to increase participation of traditional rulers in governance.”

Commenting on the alleged N2.2 billion land scam involving the deposed Emir Sanusi, Ganduje said since the Court has cleared the way for his investigation, “the state anti-corruption agency will continue probing and investigating the former Emir according to the Law.”

“When we wanted to bring on board, reform to our traditional institution, the former Emir did not cooperate with the process of reform. The process was truncated, so the only option for him was to find his way out. And that was what happened,” he reminded.

Explaining that, when the process started, there were some legal issued that slowed the process, “That time there was this so-called Kano Elders Forum, that tried to also frustrate the reform process. Their case was squashed by another court of competent jurisdiction.”

In the absence of all legal issues, as observed by the governor, the process has already been concluded, “And it is the sole aim of trickling down development to other parts of the state, particularly the communities that house the new Emirates, that they were created,” he said.

After making explanation on the absence of legal issues truncating the reform process then, he didn’t mince words in assuring the public and encouraging the state Anti-Corruption Agency, that “Our state Anti-Corruption Agency will continue probing the former Emir over the issues he has with them.

When he took them to court to stop the Agency from probing him, the case was quashed. So they will continue probing him according to the set down law


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