The strange death of a Nigerian woman from Calabar, Juliet Lawrence Ita landed her live-in-lover Jim Roach in trouble as the late ladies are asking authorities to investigate the circumstances of her death, with many pointing accusing fingers in the direction of the Caucasian lover.

According to a story first published by LIB which ALSC is following, Juliet was found “hanged” in the Calabar home she shared with Roach.

It stated that Juliet Lawrence Ita has been in a relationship with Jim Roach, aka Captain Wahala or Jimmy, for 10 years. Unfortunately, she died on Saturday, June 13, 2020, at Bishop Monarch Avenue, State Housing Estate in Calabar.

“Jim Roach, popularly called Jimmy by friends, reported the death to the police station. He reported that Juliet committed suicide after they had an argument. He added that she has always been suicidal, LIB sources reveal.

“However, friends of Juliet have refused to believe that she committed suicide and they are calling for an investigation.

“A friend who spoke to LIB said Juliet found out in May that she was expecting a child with Jimmy. This is not Jimmy’s first child. Jimmy is a grandfather and has grown children abroad.

“The friend adds that Juliet and Jimmy have been having issues in their relationship and it usually turns violent.

“Screenshots of messages purportedly exchanged between the late Juliet and one of her friends shows her opening up that she’s suffering infidelity and domestic violence in the relationship.

“Before she found out she was pregnant, she decided to leave Jimmy and reportedly asked him to pay her off with N5million, but Jimmy only agreed to pay her N2.2million in two installments.

“Juliet eventually found out in May that she was 4 months pregnant and she decided to stay. A screenshot of a chat between Juliet and a friend shows her expressing hope that her relationship with Jimmy will improve with the arrival of a baby.

“However, friends said they were shocked on Saturday when they heard that Juliet had allegedly committed suicide. They said they knew instantly that something was amiss.

“A source said Juliet was full of life, had a lot to live for, and looked forward to welcoming her baby.

“It’s obvious that they had a fight. Suicide is out of it for Juliet because Juliet just finished building her house. She has her own shop and she always wanted to have a child for the guy a long time ago. She has every reason to live so why will she go and commit suicide,” the story stated.


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