Kenyan authorities say ground and aerial control operations are on, against hopper bands that were sighted in northwest Turkana and Marsabit.

Ministry of Agriculture Principal Secretary Prof Hamadi Boga, in the State Department for Crop Development and Agriculture Research announced the spraying of the hoppers that were seen in Turkana last Sunday, and which are likely to spread into Eastern Uganda.

The PS who witnessed the spraying of locusts in Samburu last month said the exercise will continue based on location of the locusts which are now in early stage of maturing. It is estimated that more than 30,000 people in Samburu have been affected.

“The new swarm of locusts that was seen in Turkana this week is in the hopper state. These are young, immature locusts referred to as hoppers or nymphs. There are not easy to spot as they breed in areas with little human population,” said Prof Boga on Tuesday.

“We sighted a fresh swarm in Turkana this week. Most of those areas where they breed are uninhabited so we are always on the look out to manage them while they are still in that developmental phase,” Prof Boga told The EastAfrican.

“We have a regional approach to the issue. So if we manage them from our side (West/Northern Kenya) they will not find their way into Uganda.”


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