Some artists from Kenya’s Kibra slums have paid tribute to the late George Floyd in a colourful large portrait on a street wall. The young artists came together to pay tribute to the man killed at the hands of a policeman, something that many from the lesser communities in Kenya can relate to.

In a lengthy video captured by Standard Digital, around seven youth came together to create an amazing piece with other offering assistance to the main painters.

The portrait is of the famous photo of Floyd in a black cardigan that has been shared a thousand plus times and the artists did the painting majorly in the orange and brown colours.

The final piece was amazingly accurate with the late Floyd looking exactly like one would see him in an original photo. This is just one of the things that Floyd’s young daughter Gianna said when she noted her father had changed the world. earlier reported how the six-year-old Gianna shouted: “Daddy has changed the world,” while watching from above sitting on former NBA star Stephen Jackson’s shoulder, who was a friend of her dad.

This touched many who shared their messages of encouragement promising to make the world a better place for her and many young kids.


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