A serving Brigadier General in the Nigeria Army, Charles Nengile is in trouble as the United State Justice Department has demanded for the extradition.

A report published Monday indicated that Brigaider Charles is facing multiple criminal charges bordering on conspiracy, money laundering and stealing of over $16m (6,208,000,000.00 in naira).

The report added that the top army officer is indicted in a Maryland court on charges of money laundering and illegal transfer of over $16m to his wife’s bank USA account on the basis of which US authorities are relying on the extradition treaty between the country and Nigeria to demand his trial in the US

It stated that Brigaider Charles was a very brilliant soldier and also the overall best student at USA Army War College, three years ago but was also said to have benefitted billions of naira in contracts while he was serving as a Chief Security Officer to Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

The report stated however, the army officer’s wife denied the allegations, adding that she has no criminal case in the United State.

Mrs. Chuzoba threatened to seek legal redress against sponsors or publishers of any “false information” against her.


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