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No journalist has been harassed, intimidated or jailed in Kano state since Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje took over as governor of the state over five years aog

This was the position of media heads from from different platforms during their meeting with Ganduje on Tuesday at the Government house Kano.

Chairman of the Kano State Heads of Media Forum, Prince Aboki of Wazobia FM/Cool FM/Arewa Radio, said they must applaud the governor for keeping in good touch with the working journalists in the state.

Eulogising that, “We must applaud His Excellency the Governor of Kano state Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje for the cordial relationship between the state government and journalists.”

A press statement by the governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Abba Anwar, quoted the Forum’s Chairman as saying, “Some journalists were killed, some were nowhere to be found and some were jailed, but in Kano, in the last 5 years of governor Ganduje’s administration a single journalist was not detained, neither any journalist being killed or was nowhere to be found.”

“In Kano state our journalists are enjoying the good working relationship between us and the government. This is commendable by whatever standard. We also need to show our appreciation to this,” he said.

He also commended the state government for an effective response towards COVID-19 pandemic, emphasising that, “This administration is doing well in that respect.”

In his remarks governor Ganduje assured that his cordial relationship with the media would continue in his administration, notifying that, “We can’t do without you. So also you can’t do without us. There is no room for divorce. That is why we are relating very well with you.”

He appreciates them for working unrelentedly in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic, stressing that, ” The way and manner you help in responding to this pandemic is encouraging as well as commendable.”

“You must be commended for using your media to create awareness among our people on this global pandemic of COVID-19. Without you nobody would tell the public about all the protocols we are talking about. And whatever effort we put in place, nobody would come to know without you in the system,” he commended.

Lamenting on some unethical behaviour during the practice by some very few practitioners, he said “Some of your people are just trying to call attention by unjustifiably criticising government, criticisms that are not constructive, which are unbecoming of an ethical standard.”

“They are trying to be seen as champions of the masses. You should not allow them use your media while promoting unethical behaviours. But mark you, we really appreciate criticisms that are constructive and just,” he stated.

Reminding that, the existence of freedom of speech did not mean freedom of destruction. Where people would just say whatever they want to say without thinking of the destructive consequences in the society.

“From the research we have conducted we came to know that, Kano state is the worst in terms of destructive political utterances in the media. That is part of the reason why people who are responsible, disciplined and educated don’t want join politics,” he lamented.


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