By Àrákùnrin Baron Roy

Dear Mr. Tinubu.

Being ambitious is a very good attribute. Being sagacious in the pursuit of the avowed ambition is even more desirable. You are an ambitious man…you’ve been a Senator, a Governor and now an APC leader.

In the course of your political pilgrimage, you have employed cunning and sagacity to achieve some aspects of your ambitions:

You spearheaded the removal of a president…

You installed your own president…

You installed a vice president…

You install governors in the Yoruba Region…

You install Lawmakers…

And these are great achievements, really…in your world, that is…(sic)

It has come to the fore however, that your installation of political officers is for the singular purpose of installing yourself the president of Nigeria in 2023. This is ambitious…and well within your rights.

Despite your sagacity however, it is really disheartening to see you chase after an ambition that couldn’t be achieved in practical terms. Almost everyone else reads the times, checks the numbers, the structure and almost total powers you’ve ceded to your presidential installations.

Dear Sir, I am sorry to really say this to you Sir, that the more powerful you became, the weaker you left the Yoruba People! Every single political move of yours, has strengthened you immensely, but has weakened the position of the Yoruba Nation!

What does it profit a man, to possess all the wealth and riches, but lose his kingdom? What really is the value of a powerful king without a kingdom? What is the benefit of being the most influential Yoruba man who’s ambitions leave the Yoruba weak, vulnerable and untenable?

Dear Mr. Tinubu, despite your prowess at installing political officers, I could tell you for free here, that you would never be allowed to install yourself as the president! Everyone knows this except your royal self! It’s pathetic to say the least.

Your ambition to be the president of Nigeria, has compelled you to be silent in the face of humiliations, killings, insults and other unprintable actions of the gods of the caliphate towards the Yoruba people, and the rest of the South at that. You have been reduced to a lame, crippled and silenced king with mind boggling wealth but no respect whatsoever from those you helped make king.

Sir, much as millions do not like nor admire you, I sincerely do. Those that do know, actually know that you have the capabilities to make things happen, and you have the grace to bless your lieutenants.

You however lack the most important ingredient: the love and absolute dedication for the Yoruba, and the advancement of the Yoruba Nation. Dear Sir, you absolutely lack that.

In fairness to the one you installed, it is his people FIRST! Why then shouldn’t you put the Yoruba Nation first too?

Dear Mr. Tinubu, I make bold to tell you this day, that you have been so blinded by your personal ambitions, that you have brought the Yoruba Nation to her heels…and yourself to a caricature.

Dear Sir, the Yoruba Nation is under siege by marauders from the Sahara. The Yoruba Nation needs the cunning and the sagacity of the best among them. The Yoruba Nation needs to roar once more like the lion it was and put a stop to the national insult against them. The Yoruba Nation needs leadership now! But your current ambition is a stumbling block to the rise of the Yoruba as a people!

Dear Mr. Tinubu, it is time you took a step backwards and count the cost of your presidential ambition to the Yoruba Nation! If truth be told, you would serve better as the Premier of the Yoruba Nation as an autonomous region than the president of Nigeria! Becoming a, Premier of the Yoruba Nation is a far more realistic ambition than the president of a Nigeria that might not even be in 2023!

I am told you wish to be like the late sage, Chief Awolowo. The great man placed the Yoruba Nation FIRST in all things; he was the Premier, and served the Yoruba Nation excellently. Borrow a leaf from his book, Sir. Rally the Yoruba Nation as an autonomous region. Let go of this almost impossible ambition to displace the Caliphate entrenched in Abuja; Nigeria as we know it is no more despite all efforts to deny same. Recalibrate your ambition, and become a premier. Place the Yoruba Nation FIRST, and you shall really be called a great man!

The Premiership of the Yoruba Nation is well within your reach; the presidency is a mirage you would never see. Rally the Yoruba Nation…and save the region from the invaders you inadvertently invited.

Yours in the Service of the Autonomous Regions,

Àrákùnrin Baron Roy

Note: This letter was copied (Editor)


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