Senegalese a few hours ago, began protests in Dakar, setting t tyres on fire and throwing stones at security forces over a nationwide dusk-to-dawn curfew imposed almost three months ago because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The unrest in Senegal’s capital followed similar action in the holy city of Touba a night earlier, where crowds of people torched an ambulance, threw rocks and looted office buildings.

“Coronavirus is an infectious disease but (President) Macky  Sall must know that here in Senegal, most people are poor. We are poor. Three months at home is too much,” said Habibatou, a resident in Dakar’s Grand Yoff neighbourhood, who only gave Reuters her first name.

She said that while she did not approve of youths taking to the streets after curfew, and throwing rocks at the police, the president needed to listen, and to help people.

According to report first published by Reuters, a witness saw the army and police deployed to some neighbourhoods to contain the unrest.

There were also protests in the Kaolack region in the south of the country, a local official said.

Senegal’s government has not faced major opposition to its handling of the pandemic but the economy has been hard hit by measures like the overnight curfew and a ban on inter-regional travel.


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