Seun, a Nigerian musician and son of the late Afrobeat king Fela Anikulapo Kuti has attacked Nigerian Grammy-nominated singer, Burna Boy, for allegedly portraying his father in a bad light.

In an interview, Seun said Nigerian singers who claim to draw inspiration from Fela should stop acting contrary to his beliefs.

Burna Boy, who was recently named the number one Sub-Saharan African musician by Billboard (based on musical streams), has never shied away from the fact that his style of music is heavily influenced by Fela Kuti’s sound.

Some of the singer’s biggest songs such as ‘Ye’ and ‘My Money, My Baby’ were sampled from Fela’s 1997 ‘Sorrow Tears and Blood’ and 1972 song ‘Shakara’.

Fela’s son, Seun, who has equally scored a Grammy award nomination, spoke in a recent Instagram live interview with record label owner Ubi Franklin, where he frowned at musicians who claim to be influenced by Fela but are “reckless and rude”.

The singer, who is now the leader of his late father’s Egypt 80 band, made the remark when he was asked to speak about artists who claim to be inspired by Fela.

“I think a lot of them grow up in Christian and Muslim homes but use Fela as an excuse to smoke and chase girls,” he said, adding that it was wrong to be rude to authorities and claim they were influenced by Fela.


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