18 people suspected to be kidnappers have been killed by thunderstorm in a forest at Toungo Local Government Area of Adamawa.

According to sources, the suspects were sharing their ransom booty when they were struck by lightning in the town located in the southern part of Adamawa State.

“The kidnappers, it was gathered, had obtained over N20 million from their wealthy victims between Koncha in Cameroon and Toungo in Nigeria,” sources said

It was also said that angry villagers and other victims around the area had invoked the wrath of God over the nefarious activities of bandits and kidnappers in the area.

“Annoyed by constant kidnappings, the victims and the leaders of the community consulted a native doctor to send thunder after the kidnappers. They eventually met their end when they gathered to share their bounty,” another source was quoted to have said

Reacting, Suleiman Nguroje, the Police Public Relations Officer of Adamawa State the police admitted the incident happened but claimed it occurred on Cameroonian side of the border.

“We learnt that those affected employed the services of a native doctor, but the incident occurred within Cameroon, which is not our jurisdiction,” said Nguroje


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