A former Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Attahiru Jega who joined politics last week has explained that his mission is to flush out political bandits holding Nigeria to ransom.

Jega joined politics last week when he became a member of Balarabe Musa led Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), pledging to “make it a credible alternative party for governance throughout the Nigerian federation.”

A Professor of Political Science, Jega in a statement said the PRP was being reorganized and strengthened, in terms of structures and ideological clarity, to meet the challenges of the contemporary era.

“Efforts have also commenced for membership recruitment to ensure effective national presence. As many people as possible, who have integrity, patriotism and competence and who are currently sitting on the fence, or doing “Siddon look”, or burying their heads in the relatively cozy environment of the Ivory Towers, need to come on board to galvanize this effort towards success.

“We must remove bandits and kleptocrats from the sphere of governance at federal and state levels to reposition Nigeria for desirable democratic development,” he stated.


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