The Federal Government says it has concluded arrangements and provided all necessary tools for the commencement of covid-19 tests for federal civil servants, especially those in Abuja.

A circular issued by the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation, HOCSF, which ALSC saw, stated that Thisday Dome, located at Mohammed Kur Avenue by Nanet Suite, Central Business District, has been prepared for the testing of the civil servants.

The circular, dated July 17 and addressed to all permanent secretaries has as its title, “Conduct of Covid-19 testing for civil servants,” and directed the permanent secretaries to notify all staff of the availability of the testing facility.

However, the test is not mandatory to all civil servants as it is meant for a specific number of persons.

It stated that- “Accordingly, you are required to notify all staff of the availability of the testing facility, to enable members of staff who experienced covid-19 related symptoms and those wishing to get tested in your MDAs to take advantage of the opportunity.”

Signed by Dr. Evelyn Ngige, Permanent Secretary, Service Welfare Office, for the Head of Service of the Federation, the circular noted that the Office of the Head of Service of the Federation has also updated “Guidelines on the control of coronavirus disease (covid-19) service wide,” adding that the measures were aimed at controlling emerging issues in the control of the disease ‘in the work environment.’

Concluding, it directed all permanent secretaries to ensure that the content of the circular was brought to the attention of all staff and “ensure that all parastatals and agencies under their supervision are notified.”


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