A US based Nigerian professor of Journalism Farooq Kperogi mocked the embattled suspended acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu.

The acting EFCC boss is facing probe by a presidential panel on several allegations bothering on looting of recovered funds, money laundering and buying a property in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates through a third party who is a pastor.

Farooq said- “I had no idea that Ibrahim Magu, embattled former acting chairman of the EFCC, is a “multi-religious” man who attends a church. I thought he was just a Muslim, although northern Nigeria is so complex that merely bearing a “Muslim name” is not sufficient to conclude that one is a Muslim.

“In the 1 billion naira lawsuit Prophet Omale just filed against the News Agency of Nigeria for reporting that Omale laundered “re-looted funds” for Magu in Dubai, his lawyer wrote, among other things,

“1. That our client is the General Overseer of an Inter-denominational/Multi-religious Prayer Ministry, which Mr. Ibrahim Magu attends.” Assuming Magu is a Muslim, what does attending “an Inter-denominational/Multi-religious Prayer Ministry” mean?

There is only meaning I can deduce: What corruption has joined together, let no religion put asunder,” he wrote on his social media handle


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