A huge and powerful former wrestler, Kamala, also referred to as the Ugandan Head Hunter is now in a pitiable state of health after his two legs have been amputated following complications arising from high blood pressure and diabetes.

During his peak time, Kamala who stood at 6’7, with a huge frame, usually wore a painted African mask and wore with no shoes. He’d jump around in the ring, hitting his abdomen as he did.

His real name is James Harris and he started wrestling in the late 70s when wrestling wasn’t the big business it has become today. He wrestled at different times for different wrestling bodies and was initially known as ‘Ugly Bear Harris.’

In his quest for better opportunities James Harris traveled to Europe and wrestled in Germany and the United Kingdom briefly before returning to the United States. He joined the World Wrestling Federation in the 80s and was known as Kamala which made many say he was a Ugandan

Even though he never won a major title with the WWF he was highly respected among fans. After some years Kamala left the scene.

In a recent video, the former strong man was seen on clutches with his two legs completely severed from above the knee. He said in the video that lack of adequate medical care was responsible for his ordeal.

According to him, there was much racial discrimination in wrestling those days, narrating that he was involved in a wrestling match with a famous opponent and while the opponent received half a million dollars he received ten thousand dollars.


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