The Governor of River State, Bar. Nyesom Wike, has described his Imo State counterpart, Sen. Hope Uzodinma as an internationally recognized fraudster who should be hiding himself in shame.

Wike stated this while reacting to a statement credited to the Imo State Governor on the September 2020 governorship election in Edo state.

He said Gov. Uzodinma was supposed to be walking in the night so that people will not see his shameful face, adding that because Uzodinma is shameless, he walks in the day as if nothing happened.

Hear Wike- “If I am him I won’t be coming out where people will see me. I will be hiding myself and be walking mostly in the night, where people will not see me. But it’s unfortunate he has no shame at all.

“When governors are talking, Hope Uzodinma shouldn’t talk because he is an internationally recognized fraudster who stole a mandate that does not belong to him through the help of his APC cabals and tomorrow if democratically elected governors are talking, someone declared governor through the back door will come out and talk too.

“He is bragging about showing me and the PDP how to do a transparent election in the forthcoming Edo governorship election. Let me remind him that Edo boys are waiting for him. He should not forget to wear a mask that will cover the whole of his face because anywhere they see him near Edo State, they will show him how to deal with a fraudster and a 419ner.

“To tell you how unprepared he is, he has abandoned the welfare of Imolites and now chasing shadows on who called him Supreme Court governor or Abuja made governor. If that is not what he is, why leave governance in search of Imo Youths up and down who called him Supreme Court governor or Abuja made governor?

“Because he knows that is how he became the governor that is why it pains him so much when people call him Supreme Court governor or Abuja made governor.

“APC is the only political party in the whole of Africa where you will see men with questionable characters. Go through their APC Edo election committee, all the people there are all men with dubious character. Check Hope Uzodinma… Yahaya Bello and others, you will know that this political party doesn’t mean well for Nigerians.

“Ever since APC made him governor, because he was made not democratically elected by the people of Imo State, the only problem Hope Uzodinma has in Nigeria today is Nyesom Wike.

“During his court case with the democratically elected governor of Imo State, His Excellency, Rt. Hon Emeka Ihedioha, Hope Uzodinma keep carrying my name everywhere. Even after he was made governor by his APC cabals he keeps having my name on his lips. Now the Edo governorship election is fast approaching, still Hope Uzodinma a well known fraudster in the Nigerian political system still wouldn’t drop my name off his lips,” Wike said.


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