Hollywood actress Amber Heard Wednesday denied having an affair with billionaire Elon Musk during her marriage to Johnny Depp.

The star has been accused of secretly seeing Musk in 2015 while Depp was away in Australia filming Pirates the movie-“Of the Caribbean 5,” and starting an affair with him before the marriage ended.

Questioned directly about the claims this morning, Heard said they were untrue, saying: “Not that that matters, but no.”

Faced with a security’s guard’s claim of seeing Mr Musk visiting the Los Angeles penthouse where they lived in 2015, Heard replied: “He was wrong, I wasn’t in communication with Elon until 2016,” adding that “All jealousy can be deemed illogical.”

Heard said she had “no choice” but to leave Depp after he struck her in the face with a telephone in May 2016.


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