The allegations and counter allegations of massive corruption in the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) being probed by the Nigerian Senate has taken a new dimension as the former Acting Managing Director of the Commission, Joy Nunieh has revealed that she once slapped a former governor of Akwa Ibom state and how Minister for the Nigeria Delta, Sen. Godwill Akpabio for sexually harassing her.

Reacting to allegations by Akpabio that she was removed from office because of insubordination and certificate issues, Nuniel challenged the Minister to tell Nigerians what he meant by insubordination, adding that she refused sexual advances from the former governor and slapped him at a time for insisting on sleeping with her.

Akpabio had while on an Arise TV programme on Sunday accused the woman of having no certificates adding that she was morally bankrupt having married for different men in the past.

But during a similar programme this Monday Morning anchored by former presidential spokesman, Reuben Abati, Nuniel said Akpabio was economical with the truth.

“Akpabio should tell Nigerians the real meaning of insubordination. I had to slap him because of sexual harassment. I am the only Niger Delta woman who can slap him like that.

“He should tell Nigerians why I slapped him during a meeting he called at a Guest House. That was why he said I was not removed because of corruption but because of insubordination. He should tell Nigerians what really happened.

“When I was the acting MD, I stopped having meetings with Akpabio outside my office and his office because of sexual advances. He knows I am telling the truth. Why was he talking about my four husbands? Does he want to be my fifth husband? I don’t have four former husbands. He spoke on my dignity. That is why I am talking now. I didn’t say anything then because I handled him effectively,” she said and accused Akpabio of using his girlfriend as a front “to take money out of NDDC.”

“Akpabio’s girlfriend is the one supplying diesel to NDDC. Because of that, they refused to fix our light. He also directed her to go to the National Assembly to insert a few things into NDDC Budget. She told me that Akpabio sent her to do that and I shouted at her to leave the place immediately,” she said and revealed that she had instructed her lawyer to sue Akpabio for defamation of character, said the minister directed his Chief of Staff and some directors to write her memos requesting for financial assistance.

“Of course, I did not reply them,” she said, adding that it was not true that she spent N44 billion while in office. “We only spent N8 billion.”

“It is not true. There is nothing like forensic audit going on. There is only a verification exercise, unlike what Akpabio said. I have no intention of going back to the NDDC but the interest of Niger Deltans must be protected.

“Immediately I assumed office, Akpabio told me to give him $1 million and I said ‘where will I get that from’? He also promised some people in Abuja that he would give them hundreds of millions of naira just for him to be in total control of NDDC.

“What people should ask him is: As Niger Delta Affairs Minister, what has he achieved since he was appointed?

“He also told me to include refugee projects in NDDC budgets. I refused because we have Federal Government agencies doing that. He stinks of corruption. He got 30 contracts just for himself,” she spilled against Akpabio and advised President Muhammadu Buhari to stop appointing people with political interests to NDDC or as Niger Delta Affairs Minister.

“Once they get there, the only interest they have is how to amass wealth to prosecute their political ambition.

She also spoke about oath taking as alleged. She said- “It was at a meeting in Abuja. He told those present that I refused to swear to an oath. I know the implication of that. That was why I didn’t listen to him.”


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