Since the video of the disclosures made by a Cameroonian medical doctor based in the US hit the social media, there have been a series of attacks by some interests against her, most of which are utterly baseless and therefore useless.

For example, there is a question of how, as a trained pediatrician, how she crossed to become an expert in adult medicine /emergency and to treat a 96-year-old patient. This question is totally useless because she kept saying at our hospital. She also repeatedly said that in her facility, there are different doctors that studied diverse fields of medicine.

There is also another allegation coming from a so-called ‘Gofundme’ page saying there are legal troubles in her name while another allegation said she was being sponsored by Steve Bannon’s BREITBART.

For us in ALSC newspaper, these allegations and innuendos are as useless as those making them.

The crux of the matter in contention is her claim that her hospital has treated 350 patients and that none of the patients have died. This is the bomb. What we want to hear from anyone is that those claims are false. If they are not false, if it is true that they have attended to 350 patients and got them all cured, then to hell with any argument, that is whether she even attended kindergarten or not.

Dr. Stella Emmanuel said among her patients are people with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart infections and hiccups as well as old people of nearly 90 years; and that all of them recovered completely in their medical facility. If this too is true, shame on all those looking for ways to continue the perpetuation of this evil and who are making money out the misfortune brought to humanity by these satanic agents all over the world.

Mark you, Dr. Stella did not say that covid-19 does not exist, she said it sure exists but that it has a cure.

She said her hospital uses a combination of hydroxychloroquine, zinc and zithromax. So what is the fuse about?

“Americans, there is a cure for covid. All this foolishness does not need to happen. There is a cure for covid. There is a cure for covid. It is called hydroxychloroquine. It is called zinc. It is called zithromax,” she said and challenged CNN health presenter Dr. Sanjay Gupter to stop spreading false news saying there was no cure as those stories are meant to scare people.

It is most unfortunate that those who call themselves scientists and medical experts from around the world have allowed themselves to be fooled by criminal monsters that are politically motivated enough to set humanity ablaze while others who are making money want billions of people around the world to be lockdown while their accounts are getting fatter on daily basis.

I have never heard where you tell someone who is sick to lock himself up until eternity when you will find a vaccine. Why are governments across the world refusing to disclose what they are using to cure those that survived the pandemic after two week of quarantine? Who are the criminals supporting this wickedness that are now ganging up to crucify this bold Angel that has made lies of their nefarious conspiracy, including Dr. Sanjay Gupta of the fake news CNN?


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