By Bonaventure Melah

In a rather impressive and prompt response, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has reacted to a story we published earlier this morning of a female officer of the organization who refused to evacuate a fellow female accident victim on grounds that her blood would stain their official vehicle.

ALSC had this morning tracked and reported that a FRSC officer in Enugu state, Ngwu Linda and her team had arrived at the scene of an accident where a female victim was in critical condition and bleeding seriously but refused to evacuate the victim who was pleading for help.

According to our report, Ngwu Linda told sympathisers who besieged the scene of the accident that they, officers have called a keke driver to come and evacuate the victim but that the driver is taking time to come.

We also reported that onlookers resorted to abusing the Road Safety officers and making video of them before Ngwu Linda agreed to carry the victim to hospital where it is yet to be established whether or not she survived the trauma/

But, after reading our story online within a few minutes of its publication, the Federal Road Safety Corps promised to carry out further investigation on the matter, adding that the Corps does not tolerate such professional misconduct by its officers and men.

A top officer of the Corps who asked not to be named because he was not in the position to speak for the organisation reacted through WhatsApp, saying “This is serious. I will report it to the appropriate office and it will be thoroughly investigated.”

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