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Nigeria’s National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD) has said that the Madagascar ‘COVID-19 organic tonic’ lacks the potency to cure coronavirus disease.

The Director-General of NIPR Dr. Obi Adigwe, who gave an insight into the report submitted to the government after the laboratory assessment of the drug accused Madagascar of hiding the analysis of their own products.

He said the drug contains mainly Artemisia annua, works to reduce the frequency of cough with maximum dose, producing an effect equivalent to that produced by the centrally acting cough-suppressant, dihydrocodeine but not strong enough to cure covid-19.

“The analysis we gave in our report is more detailed than anything that had come from their country. They are hiding the analysis of their own product. If you go online, you cannot get the level of analysis that we gave.

“They are hiding a lot of things and I think it is possible that they know that they don’t have strong science backing up their claim.

“You know science takes time and it also needs a lot of money. That is what most people don’t understand,” Dr. Obi Adigwe said.


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