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A civil society organisation, Citizens Action for Public Accountability, CAPA, has urged Nigerians to be weary of the embattled former Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, Ms Joy Nunieh.

In a statement Saturday in Abuja, the group alleged that Nuneih was like a pandemic out to destroy everything in sight and disrupt the normal order of things.

“Nigerians should realize that these theatrics over the past few days from allegations of sexual harassment to a stage-managed ‘arrest’ are all designed like a pandemic to destroy and disrupt the normal order of things,” Mr Ebele Nedu, CAPA National Coordinator stated.

According to Nedu, it is a thing of shame that a woman with questionable academic credentials will be allowed to run wild instead of facing prosecution for forgery and perjury.

“Not too long ago, a high ranking minister was forced to vacate office when it came to light that she had forged her academic credentials It is curious that Ms Nuneih will be granted the space to rant, spew spurious allegations when she ought to have been arrested for certificate forgery.

“It is trite law that anyone with serious character credibility flaw cannot be taken seriously as a witness which she thinks she is.

“Rather than trying to drag those who have better than her in the mud, she should be more concerned about presenting her scorecard as MD of the NDDC and not this wild herring,” the statement stated.

CAPA further noted that Ms Nuneih has become adept in weaponising sex knowing that it was a sensitive matter.

“We have observed with horror the weaponisation of sex by the embattled ex-MD of the NDDC, Ms Joy Nuneih, and caution against anybody buying into her charade What is even more worrying is that she has not mentioned any single individual to back her unfortunate claims given the serious nature of the matter.

“One will imagine that she would have confided in some one immediately the unsubstantiated event happened, but nothing of such did she do.

“We call on Ms Nuneih to be mindful of the grave damage she is doing to the NDDC and channel her energy to account for her stewardship,” the CAPA said.

Nedu called on the current management of the commission as well as those who served in the Interim Management Committee, IMC, not to be distracted in their service to the Niger Delta and Nigeria in general as it was not too much of a price to pay for the zone.

The CAPA noted that what was important at this time was to allow the forensic audit ordered by President Muhammadu Buhari proceed, while anyone who feels aggrieved should follow the due process of the law rather than engaged in media hysteria.


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