By Ademola Ougnbon

Ogun State Government has called on Federal Government to support it in areas of Technical and Vocational Education, attributing inadequate funding as one of the reasons why the sector is yet to produce maximally to national development.

The Special Adviser to Ogun State Governor on Technical Education, Prof. Joseph Odemuyiwa stated this during an online meeting with National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPPS), saying that intervention fund given to Tertiary Education (TETFUND), Basic Education Counterpart Fund (UBEC) among others should be initiated for Technical Education.

Delivering a paper titled, “Population Growth and Human Capital Development Through Technical Education: Challenges and Prospects, Odemuyiwa emphasised the need for Federal Government’s support, so as to enjoy the full benefits inherent in technical and vocational education and make it more attractive to the growing population.

He suggested aggressive awareness campaign for the public on the importance of technical and vocational education, while experts should be made to review curriculum, as well as make it programme demand-driven.


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