Indications have emerged that Enugu State Government may deploy soldiers to enforce the wearing of facemasks in the public within the state.

According to a report earlier published by E-Metro the state government is meeting with military commanders of the 82nd Army Division in the State capital to allow soldiers to storm the streets and enforce wearing of face masks by residents.

Enugu’s has officially reported 261 cases of Covid-19 afflictions, a quarter of them health workers. The report stated that the state Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is outraged that too many people are dying mysteriously in the state while their relations attribute the deaths to malaria or other causes, rather than Covid-19.

Chairman of an expert committee that advises the government on Covid19, Prof. Emmanuel Ejim, warned in a statement that citizens are unnecessarily exposing themselves to danger..

“Covid-19 is killing us, it is with us, it is killing us, it is everywhere, people are dying of covid-19 not malaria,” he said.

He reserved some harsh words for residents exhibiting a “carefree attitude … to wearing face masks and adherence to other COVID-19 preventive measures,” even as the number of positive cases rises.

“The nonchalance, non-compliance is worrisome. The outbreak should be of serious concern to the citizens,” he said.


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