Yvette Flunder, is a lesbian pasturing a church in the US. However, she attracts unsuspecting Christians to herself and church by carrying out ‘charity works’ and ‘showing ‘kindness and tolerance’ to others, especially people that are in distress.

Yvette Flunder is regarded by those close to her as someone who stands with the minority. She’s regarded as a voice for those who cannot speak out for themselves and has no inhibitions in speaking against any form of victimization be it against fellow Christians and also non Christians.

For example, there is a particular Bishop, Carlton Pearson who lost his church after he was declared a heretic for preaching against everlasting punishment in hell. His close friends in ministry all abandoned him. He was ridiculed and banned from appearing on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Television) and was also removed from the board of the Oral Roberts University in Tulsa. No minister wanted to go near him.

That was until he got an invitation from Bishop Yvette Flunder, who asked him to visit her church. It was at Bishop Flunder’s church that Carlton Pearson got the acceptance and love he very much craved. The female bishop made him sit down. She got a bowl of water, took off his shoes and began to wash his feet, just as Jesus did to His disciples in the Upper Room. Bishop Pearson attested she was one of the first ministers who reached out to him after he lost his church.

However, Bishop Yvette Flunder is an openly lesbian Christian minister who believes and preaches that there is nothing wrong in a woman being a bishop and that women should not be restricted from speaking or teaching in churches as Paul wrote.

She also believes being involved in a same sex relationship or marriage is not a sin. She concludes most of the writings in the Bible were written by the people of that age for their contemporaries. “Times have changed and Christians need to evolve,” she tells her listener, thereby attracting young American to her church

Although many clergy have tried to question her eligibility to stand in the pulpit especially because of her lesbian life, but she is vehement that it is her choice and life.

Bishop Yvette Flunder was born in 1955. In 1991 she founded the City of Refuge Church, an assembly that welcomes people from all walks of life; irrespective of race, gender and sexual orientation.

She’s a gifted singer and an author as well as an advocate for Women Rights and a voice against the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Bishop Flunder says she’s willing to debate or have a reasonable discussion with any Man of God who believes she’s a heretic and on the wrong path.

She’s officially married to her lesbian partner, Shirley Miller and never hesitates to express her love for Shirley in public and once serenaded her in church.


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