The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy has expressed frustration over the covid-19 induced lockdown and restrictions in his country, saying “We are all tired of the quarantine.”

The country imposed strict restrictions in March but partially eased them in May to allow economic recovery.

It has been extending the lockdown monthly, with current rules in place until end-July requiring people to wear masks and adhere to strict norms in restaurants and public places.

“We need a clear framework for how we will continue it (lockdown), so that people have the opportunity to live safely, so that business can function, so that the economy does not stand at a pause,” Zelenskiy added.

“Therefore … we will extend it for a month, but not longer,” he added, meaning that August may be the end of the lockdown.

Ukraine has recorded 56,455 coronavirus cases and 1,445 deaths – relatively low numbers compared to western European counterparts. But there have been worryingly high levels of new infections in recent weeks, which authorities attribute to a reluctance to wear masks and observe social distancing.


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