Cameroonian authorities say there is no negotiation going on between the government and separatist leaders as widely reported on social media last week.

It was reported widely last week, even by a number of mainstream news outlets including the BBC that a government representative had met with some Anglophone separatist leaders in the capital Yaounde where they were being incarcerated.

A July 6 statement signed by Information Minister, Rene Emmanuel Sadi dispelled the news stressing that the reports “did not conform to reality,” adding that all efforts were being taken by the government to end the crisis in the country’s two English-speaking regions but that all such measures were aimed at preserving the unity and territorial integrity of the country.

He reiterated the government call for armed groups to lay down their arms and embrace a peace offer by President Paul Biya.

Nine separatist leaders are currently serving life sentences in a Yaounde prison. The now dismissed talks were held after they were briefly let out of prison to meet a government envoy.


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