A wicked female road safety officer, Ngwu Linda has been exposed for refusing to take an accident victim in Federal Road Safety Corps’s (FRSC) official vehicle to hospital on grounds that the vehicle would be stained with the victim’s blood.

Chijinkem Ugwuanyi, an Enugu state based concerned citizen who witnessed the unprofessional and wicked conduct of Ngwu Linda took to his Facebook page to expose the officer.

With a title, “Where is humanity in us?” the poster said the accident happened along Enugu-Opi-Nsukka expressway on the 20th of July, 2020 and demanded relevant authorities to fish out the officer for unprofessional conduct.

He wrote- “I meet an accident scene today ( 20/07/2020 along Opi Nsukka road to Enugu,) only to find out that the accident happened like 40 minutes earlier before we got there and there was a dying lady being left to die on the main road, I thought she was already dead judging from the way she was placed.

“I came down and to my surprise the lady was still breathing and moving slowly, asking one of the road safety officers that was there (#Ngwu #Linda by name) why they were not attending to her or any of the victims that seemed critical. Her response was that they have called for a Keke charter for over 30 minutes but the Keke is yet to come. Meanwhile they, the road safety officers arrived there on a clean vehicle well OK and equipped provided by the state Government,

“I asked her why they are not using their own car and she said her blood will stain the car.

“It was later about another 30 minutes after much pleading that I got mad and brought out my phone and started making videos with some other patriotic Nigerians who joined with me on the fight, the head of the Road safety officers’ team on seeing the phone videos asked them to do the needful.

“The same #Ngwu #Linda refused touching her, saying that we should do the carrying. How can a fellow human being treat a dying woman in such a manner, simply because she can’t help herself? She was just bleeding. The remaining four members of the road safety officers who were present there were busy packing the luggage of the victims searching what their bags contained, leaving the bleeding woman on the road carelessly.

“It was as reactions of the passerby guys there that made the road safety officers to rush her to the hospital.

“I really got mad in the Nigeria system, for one of the officers boldly telling me that they have rules guiding them, I asked which rule is that that u can’t help a dying one to rush her to the hospital as a road safety worker?

“I pray that she will survive it and give God his glory. Oh lord do help her,” he concluded.


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