The office of a top Nigerian government official has set up a desk that specialises in stalking Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media accounts of journalists and other activists in the country with the aim of hacking those they consider anti to their boss.

The employer of these dangerous e-rats was a ‘favoured one’ in Nigeria’s presidency until about a year ago when it was alleged that he has not been really loyal to his boss, after all. The unmasking of the real character in the public official has led to his being sidelined by the powers that be, to the extent that he has since been living in seclusion while discharging the select duties apportioned to him.

In recent times, Facebook, WhatsApp and other accounts of many journalists, Rights advocates and other social media activists have been hacked and therefore compromised.

The tactics being deployed by these serial hackers is to completely takeover your account, change your password and other personal information thereby prevent you from having access to content. They would then post very offensive contents on the account or site including pornographic and fake business offers that have the potency of driving your readers, fans, followers and friends away from your account.

Because they have succeeded in isolating you from the account, you will not see the offensive contents until people who care begin to call you and to raise the alarm. At that point, you will not be able to access your account, making it impossible for you to even block them. Your only option therefore is to close the account which is what they were out to achieve in the first place.

Following complaints from many journalists and other prominent social media users in recent times, we have launched investigation into this unusual number of such hacks and subsequent shutting down of many Facebook, WhatsApp and other accounts of professionals carrying out their legitimate public-good duties.

We were told by a very reliable high-tech and media savvy persons that the hacks have been traced to this embattled high public office holder in Nigeria whose media and publicity office was responsible for the setting up of the hacking desk to ‘deal with anybody or platform posting, publishing or sharing information, news or insinuation they consider offensive to their master.

We will keep you updated on this in due course.


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