A few months after Ghanaian authorities demolished some properties inside Nigeria’s embassy which led to a diplomatic row between the two countries, a combination of Ghanaian army, police and other security agencies launched a massive attack on Nigerian businesses in the country, shutting down shops, offices and other related outlets.

A video recorded by a Nigerian business owner in Ghana shows hordes of security officers that besieged his office forcing him out in order for them to shut the place down.

The Nigerian who didn’t mention his name said the incident happened within Tiptoe Lane in Accra adding that the same is happening in other offices and shops owned by Nigerians.

As the combined security officers shove and push him out of the shop, the Nigerian was relentless in recording the incidents and speaking out, while showing documents pasted on the wall of his office.

“As you people can see, at Accra Tiptoe lane. This is my shop and now they are here to close the shop. You can see my shop. I registered my business in 2007. I pay my taxes, I have my resident permit. Everything is here. They don’t want to listen to us. The certificates are here. If I am lying, the whole world can see it. This is my resident permit. Everything is here. But they want to lock up my shop. Since 2007, I have been paying my taxes. They are all over the place. I have been renewing my permit. Let them check my certificates. They don’t want to check certificates. They are asking us to pay $1million. How can I pay $1million? Why are you not checking our documents? You can lock up my shop but don’t say I am operating illegally because all my documents are here. Why are you not asking for documents? This is wicked. Why are you locking up my shop when I have all the documents? African lives matter. Nigerian lives matter in Ghana. They have given me assessment and I have paid everything they want us to pay. It is better they allow me to sell off all that I have and go back to Nigeria instead of asking us to pay $1million. Why should you ask me to pay $1million? Do you have $1million yourself? Lock up my shop if you like but let the world see it,” he screamed as the shop was locked up by an army officer.


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