A local government council in Kaduna state, Sabon Gari recently enacted a bye-law to regulate the sale of liquor, prohibition of prostitution and indecent dressing, including “excessive make-ups or jewelry by women in the area.”

The bye-law, which is already in force, was signed by the council Chairman, Mohammed Ibrahim Usman, on June 10, 2020, causing serious concern among residents of the area.

However, several groups, including operators of beer parlours in the area, have kicked against the bye-Law, vowing to challenge it in court.

The law prohibits men from plaiting or wearing or curling their hair, wearing of dirty, tattered, worn out jeans, earrings or nose rings; wearing of singlet or garment with offensive or provocative messages or writing publicly; display of inner wears and unkempt appearances among others.

Tagged as ‘Control and regulation of sale of liquor and/or spirit and other related offences (Regulation/Prohibition), Bye Law No. 2 of 2020’, it prohibits women from “wearing short and skimpy dresses publicly, which expose vital parts of the body such as back, breast and hip.

“Wearing of micro or miniskirts or gowns above the knee publicly, wearing of tight trousers publicly without proper overall garments reaching below the knee.

“Putting on undergarments publicly, wearing of transparent or revealing garments publicly without putting on proper and appropriate under wears,” are all parts of the controversial law.


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